Hosting the launch of the Sensual Purity book by Condé Nast for Mercedes-Benz, at Vogue House

Editor’s Blog

By Darius Sanai

I was delighted to host a Condé Nast party at Vogue House yesterday with Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Daimler, parent company of Mercedes-Benz, as guest of honour. The occasion was the launch of the book Sensual Purity, published by Condé Nast on behalf of Mercedes-Benz, and Gorden enthralled the audience in his Q&A session with me, holding forth with his casual brilliance on the future and importance of design.

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My personal highlight? Chatting to Gorden and my colleague GQ Editor Dylan Jones (who didn’t know each other before) about design – two design gurus, one concentrated conversation of inspiration. I am a firm believer in media (books and magazines, like LUX) as design and art objects in themselves, and everybody finished the evening even more convinced of this, I think.